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About Colour Psychology

The psychological impact of hues is an area of research which seeks to understand how shades can shape human behavior. Unseen influences, such as the flavor of cuisine, are affected by colors. There are certain feelings that various tints evoke in people, however this may vary depending on the individual's age, gender and culture.


Discovering the influence of colors on our state of mind and emotions has become a popular topic in color theory. The affect these hues have is often universal due to its direct impact on the brain, although others are more strongly tied to culture. When attending an event abroad, it is best to research which colors should be acceptable or not.

Colours can have a big impact on our emotions.

One's fondness for certain shades could be linked with childhood experiences and the connection between feelings and tones. For instance, people may dislike yellow when past encounters such as classmates teasing them while wearing this hue come to mind.

More than one meaning can also be attached to a specific hue - say an orange blouse - because it lifts your mood, makes you ready to act, encourages creativity or helps make a statement.

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